A Plant Pot List.d

This is list is basically a ‘Bucket List’ for people like me who have mostly low aspirations.

You may be asking ‘Why call it a Plant Pot instead of a Bucket list?’…

Well, a plant pot has holes in the bottom so all the things you don’t do, just fall away. This means you don’t feel pressure to actually complete your Plant Pot List. A plastic little plant pot is also significantly smaller than a bucket too so you include smaller, more realistic goals in it.

I’d like to take credit for calling it a Plant Pot List but it was actually Elliott’s idea. I just came up with a weird little explanation for it.

Anyway, here is my Plant Pot List:

– Go to Ireland – I mainly want to do this because I just want to tell people I got shitfaced in the country that invented Alcoholism.
– Write a book – like a proper one that’s actually good.
– Learn to drive – Being in control of a car is one of the scariest things to me. Allow it.
– See Weezer live.
– Own a piano – and be able to play it.
– Pitch/Sell sitcom to a network – This one is really strange but I love sitcoms that are actually genuine and realistic like Chewing Gum and Lovesick. Or even just write one.
– Learn self defence.
– A bonfire on the beach because I love a good cheesy film with a beach bonfire scene.
– Go back to Edinburgh – I mainly want to do this because I want to see if I can remember my way around.
– Go to London Pride as it looks significantly better than its Northern counterparts.
– See/support friends at all public endeavours e.g. at Shows, TV, Films etc.
– Not get married which is obviously pretty achievable and free.
– Learn how to cook proper meals because beans on toast is not a meal.
– Go back to Australia to see one of my best friends. – I know you’re reading this, Iz…
– Get a good/mildly secure job.
– Get a cat that’s actually mine.
– Take part in a protest – preferably a peaceful one.
– Consider setting up a cafe/milkshake bar because A Levels will probably turn out to be pointless.
– See Mayer Hawthorne live because I missed his first UK show to go see my boyfriend.
– Go back to Crete.


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