To Stay Alive.

Dear my past (and possibly future) self,

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had a pretty shitty day but that’s okay. You might think ‘the black dog’ chasing you is close to swallowing you whole but you’re wrong. If you need some reassurance, I wrote the following down and posted it on the internet – just for you. I hope that one day, you get the help you need and not just a prescription or a handful of therapy sessions.

Here are eighteen whole reasons to keep on living:


1) There are books and films, and even songs you haven’t bought or experienced yet that might change you more than you could ever think possible.

2) Wonderful little words that make you happy like ‘lovely’ and bubble’.

3) Help is out there. You can’t let a certain tablet or therapy put you off just because one form didn’t work. Have a little bit of hope.

4) You are funny and clever, and witty, and most definitely beautiful.

5) Those people who really do pick up the phone at 3am when you’re too sad to say hello and understand that you just need to hear someone on the other end of the phone, just  living, breathing and existing for a little while.

6) Someone, somewhere, cares about you more than you will ever know.

7) One day, your favourite jazz/funk musician may actually come to your country and you can experience ‘No Strings’ live in a room full of people who love him as much as you do.

8) People might not understand you but as long as you understand you – That is all that matters.

9) Those moments where you’re so unbelievably happy you feel like you’re drunk.

10) Cute kittens and clumsy puppies. Enough said.

11) The jumper you bought a while ago that just makes you want to curl up infront of the TV with a hot drink and your favourite person/people in the world.

12) Nothing lasts forever. Things change and it will get better if you believe it can.

13) As Eliza Hamilton once said – or should I say sung: The fact that you’re alive is a miracle. Just stay alive and that would be enough.

14) There are places you are yet to go to and people you haven’t met yet.

15) Those songs on that playlist that, no matter the situation, you can sing (out of tune) at the top of your voice.

16) You have rules to break & bend and people to piss off.

17) The drunken conversations you will have on the kitchen floor will be the ones that matter most.

18) That aching feeling you get in your sides, and the tears falling down your cheeks when you’ve laughed more than you ever thought possible.


If these reasons didn’t change your mind then: stay alive for you. I know it’s easier said than done but it will all work out in the end because, like Will once said:

“Life is waiting for you. You might be stuck here for a while but the world isn’t going anywhere.

Life is always worth it.”


To find out more about World Suicide Prevention day:

The Samaritans: WSPD

To Write Love On Her Arms: WSPD


If you’re here for yourself and not out of curiosity, I hope this helped. I will always be here, cheering for you on the sidelines. Your pain is valid, as are you.
I wrote this while listening to the lovely Dodie Clark’s Six Out Of Ten and a collection of other ‘sad’ songs.
They help keep my creative mindset and flow. Most of the time.

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