Suicide Squad Was A Thing.

*I didn’t know what to even call this so apologies for the title. This isn’t set out like my usual blog posts. I’ve written it pretty quickly and I’ll explain why at the end.*


Suicide Squad wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be but at the same time, it wasn’t exactly great either. It wasn’t what I expected. You could tell that a lot of the film had been re-shot or re-edited since the trailers had come out. The actors clearly took as much as they could from what they were given.

The following contains some spoilers.

•The establishing scenes were good. The way they showed a little bit of each character before you ‘met’ them was a good idea.

•The editing made it seem like they’d use the transitions from Microsoft PowerPoint. The way they introduced the characters was strange and didn’t really fit as they used the cartoon ‘fact file’ style logo they also used for the character trailers.

•The tone kept chopping and changing. It was lighthearted one minute, then dark and gritty but then flicked to humorous… It wasn’t like it was a flashback in which you’d expect a different tone to show how things have changed. I couldn’t tell what tone they were actually going for because it was all over the place.

•The FX in the first Squad fight/action were bad. They didn’t look like explosions, they looked like fireworks. It was laughable for a ‘big summer blockbuster’. They were equally bad when Enchantress was doing what ever the hell she was doing.

•Harley was more than ‘just a pretty face’ in act three. Once El Diablo told the Squad his ‘story’, she got angry. She started telling him what he should do and he didn’t retaliate with some degrading remark about her body – unlike Captain Boomerang.

•I couldn’t tell if Captain Boomerang was there for some form of comic relief or just some guy they’d told to act enough like Deadpool for him to be liked (but not enough for them to get sued by Marvel) and just shoved in there. He literally added nothing special to the plot and was just a bit irritating.

•I found out from Jack Howard before watching the film that David Ayer, the director, only had six weeks to prepare and write the film and that was so clear. Anyone, whether they’re in the film business or not, will know that six weeks is nowhere near enough time to write and plan a feature length film. Planning films sometimes takes as long, if not longer, as shooting them. It’s clear that the planning was rushed because the film is a mess – not only tonally but generally. Obviously, that isn’t just Ayer’s fault, it’s also the stuido’s.

•The soundtrack looks so good on paper and 90% of the songs do sound good too, but the way they’ve put it over the film is bad. It was clear that they only got/made all these songs to get people to see the songs used in the film which did happen to some extent but not very well. Sometimes it was too loud in comparison to the characters’ talking and other times you were trying so hard to understand what was going on to even care.

•Will Smith was great – considering what he was given. He played his usual sort of charming and funny yet brave character he’s known for but with a anti-hero twist on it. He had some solid one liners and you did actually feel empathy for him. I like how they didn’t use him to sell the film – they weren’t like ‘Hey, look! This is a new Will Smith film! Come watch it!’. They didn’t plaster his name all over the place. They showed off the whole cast pretty fairly, it just so happened that Will Smith was in it.

•Amanda Waller gave zero fucks. Like Flag says, she’s God. She doesn’t have any abilities like the Squad but she is in control (to some extent) and you don’t question it. You didn’t need to know her background to like her and know that the Squad shouldn’t push her.

•I like how Bruce Wayne had a presence throughout with his name/company on some of the technology etc. It really did show how money has such a big influence on Gotham City.

•When Harley picked up the jester costume and got giddy. It was a nice reference to the comics and it made the audience excited to see if she’d try it on. Unfortunately, she didn’t.

•I couldn’t tell what the story line was or if there even was one in the first place. It was just lots of scenes/events stringed together. It was messy and it wasn’t enjoyable because I couldn’t understand what was actually going on.

•I liked how The Joker’s henchmen weren’t dressed as clowns like in ‘The Dark Knight’. They just had masks and were dressed up as a variety of random things. It reflected how unorganised and chaotic (messy almost) the Joker is(?)

•Rick and June’s relationship was a bit of a flop. They weren’t really ‘official’ but there didn’t seem to be much, if any, chemistry and it seemed pretty aggressive.

•It was pretty obvious that they only did shots of the Squad from behind to show of Margot Robbie’s body. It was subtle but, the unnecessary sexualisation of Harley Quinn was there. I know Harley – as well as Poison Ivy – was sexualised in the source material but that was her using it to her advantage. It was actually a shame there were too many shots of Harley’s bum which just irritated me.

•It was horribly obvious Slipknot was going to die early on as you got a brief introduction to/flashback with each Squad member except him. You also didn’t see him in the trailer. I forgot he was in it until he showed up.

•HARLEY IN THE LIFT. SHE WAS ALONE AND FOUGHT A COUPLE OF MUTANT THINGS AND IT WAS GREAT. The song played during that sequence was subtly degrading though.

•The transformation from Dr. Harleen Quinzel to Harley Quinn felt rushed. In her first flashback, she was trying to help The Joker then within a second she was in love/obsessed with him. I get that the film isn’t Harley and The Joker’s origin story but they could’ve at least shown that time had passed.


Unfortunately, Suicide Squad was forgettable. I’ve written this in the back of the car while driving home from the cinema because I knew I’d  forget some of the points made above. It was one of those films that you go to see then don’t actually mention or talk about the fact that you’ve seen it because nothing really stands out enough for you to care. Like I said at the beginning, it wasn’t as bad as I though it would be but I felt like there were some things missing from it that would actually make me feel something as a viewer.


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