Perfection: The Problems and Its Purpose.

I read a blog post on perfection a while ago. It made me think about a lot of problems with perfection so I thought I’d add my view on the subject.


We all strive for perfection. It motivates us. It stretches us. I hate to be all poetic but it can also destroy us. Never the less, wanting it makes us incredibly human.

Unfortunately, perfection is, in all honestly, non-existent. It’s something that we, humans, created and now enforce. We use it to control people and tear them down. It’s fiercely overrated and isn’t anywhere near achievable.

Perfection is not achievable by human beings because, just like the things we create, we were built with flaws. There’s no such thing as the perfect body. There’s no such thing as the perfect human. There’s no such thing as the perfect life. There’s no such thing as perfect. Yes, there’s variations of perfect but again that makes it hard to achieve because it isn’t possible to fit into every ‘perfect’ box.

If you search the word ‘perfect’ under the news tab on Google, it comes up with a million and ten articles by news outlets like E! News, MTV and The Daily Mail spewing out shit about the newest ‘perfect’ celebrity couple, the ‘perfect’ diet/exercise routine etc… The list is a long and toxic one.


If you’re to take anything from this blog post it (probably) should be this:

We are flawed but we are also human. Perfection will just have to be another social construct that we choose to ignore.


sorry for being so poetic.


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