The Last Year: During.

I’m writing this on technically my last day of school ever, May 27th. I’m midway through my exams and feeling incredibly sentimental/nostalgic.

Here’s Part II of The Last Year.


When I first say “oh I can’t believe it’s been five years!”, I think that isn’t a long time but then when I sit back and think about it… Five years is almost a third of my life so far. Not only does that sort of scare me, it makes me feel incredibly grateful that some of my favourite people in the whole world were born within the same [academic] year.


I want to leave, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to leave the (very few) people I’ve come to love and care about over the past five years of being at school. I’ve had so many wonderful memories and moments with friends, new and old, and I can’t believe it’s finally time for us all to say goodbye and go our separate ways.

I haven’t realised until now how much I’ve changed.  I’m a completely different person compared to who I was, or thought I was, a year ago… A month ago even. I’ve changed quicker than I ever thought possible, not only physically but mentally. Knowing how much I’ve changed worries me. I’m a person who absolutely despises change whether it’s good or bad. Like most people during their time at school, I’ve struggled. Not only with school work, deadlines and making new friends but with my mental health – It’s only been recently that I finally decided to do something about it after ‘suffering’ for almost all of my ‘schooling career’. I went through a phase where I couldn’t even step foot in the school grounds without feeling sick to my stomach. I hated every single second of it but thanks to some wonderfully friendly people who’ve come along over the last year or two, it’s no longer a problem.

I can’t even put my feelings into words now but I am both sad and happy to be leaving. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with school, like most people do. Now I’m literally on the verge of leaving and I couldn’t be more scared yet excited.

~BeFunky Collage o


To all my friends, reading this right now:

I love each and every one of you. I will miss you guys so much more than you will ever know. And finally, thank you for the best five years I could ask for.

Good luck with whatever you do, wherever you end up.


The Last Year: I

The Last Year: II

The Last Year: III



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