Thank you, friend.

This post is just a couple of public thank yous to the people I care about most.



R: Thank you for giving me a place/person to rant and cry. You’ve helped me way more than you know and I can’t thank you enough.

M: It still blows me away how alike we really are. We’ve had so many memories in such a short space of time. Thank you for all the laughs, buddy. Stay in touch.

E: I can’t believe how different you are compared to the shy little kid you were in Y7… I’m so glad I get to keep you around for another two years. Thank you for making me laugh at the most ridiculous things and crying over Captain America with me. #GoldenTrio

C: Thank you for letting me send you songs when I’m sad, giving me awful advice and acknowledging my slaggy ways. I will miss your face more than you will ever know.

L: I can’t believe I still can’t get rid off you… but that’d mean I’d have wasted the past 16 years being your friend. I promise to give you lifts to college but only if we can sing to Hamilton. #GoldenTrio

E: Thank you for everything. You make me so proud every single day. I am so lucky to have such a hilarious and talented best friend. You won’t see this but I can’t wait to see you again and sing ‘Hamilton’ as loud as we possibly can.

J: Thank you for filling the past year with laughter. I don’t think I’ve ever told you this but I am so proud of you – with your art and everything else.

L: Thank you for being my outsider’s opinion for the past year or two. I don’t think you realise how much confidence you’ve given me – not only within myself but my writing too.

E: Thank you for teaching me that grades aren’t everything but they still matter. Your twenty years of wisdom has taught me a lot in my sixteen years.

H: Thank you for helping me forget about all the shit that happens at home/school etc. You treat me as an equal and make me feel incredibly valid in every way. You remind me that smashing the shit out of gender roles and stereotypes is the best.

W: Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone and even the most intelligent people struggle. You remind me to live in the moment and actually act my age for a moment.

D: We haven’t actually been friends during my whole five years of High School but you were there when I needed you – during the worst year of my life (so far). We’ve both done some pretty amazing things since being 9 and 11 – you may have out done me but I can’t hate you for it. Your show is shit but not as shit as you


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