A Letter To My 12 Year Old Self.

Dear twelve year old Georgia,

Before I give you any advice I want to be honest with you and say that being twelve will be tough. Don’t let that put you off though, thirteen onward will be pretty great. You only have four or so years left at school then you’ll never have to return to this horribly yellow-tiled hell hole ever again.

First of all: Read. Read everything and anything that interests you. Even if your mom tells you you’re too young to read Young Adult books, do it anyway. Reread the books you read as a child and read the ones you’ve always wanted to. If you do by the time you’re sixteen, you’ll have read so many books to believe everything you are told. You may find a book that’ll change your life.

Also, don’t let any boy, or anyone for that matter, tell you that you can’t go see The Dark Knight Rises and other ‘boy films’ because ‘you’re a girl’ and girls ‘shouldn’t like superheroes’. Go see it anyway. Films may be targeted to a certain gender but that doesn’t mean you will or won’t enjoy it. Gender roles don’t control your life if you don’t want them to. Make sure not to wear your X-Men shirt when you do see it though… You’ll probably get a few really disgusted looks your way.

Sometimes friends don’t stick around. You’ll grow apart but that’s okay. More than okay even. Things honestly do happen for a reason and people change – sometimes not for the better. You will always have that small group you can talk to at any time. You’ll also regain friends you thought you lost and you will be closer than you ever thought. Just be yourself and your friends will come to you

If you’re going to learn anything this year, it might as well be this: Don’t feel obliged to say yes. Saying yes can open doors but it can also trap you in a never ending cycle of being a ‘people pleaser’ and whatnot. Only say yes if you truly want to and don’t be scared of the consequences. If they didn’t want an honest answer, they shouldn’t have asked. Remember: It’s only your second year in ‘big school’ so don’t waste your time doing things you don’t want to with people you don’t like.

Don’t try to grow up too quickly. By the time you get to sixteen you’ll want to be twelve again. Enjoy everything as it comes – good or bad. Experiences make you who you are. Twelve is the age where you’ll realise that the world is a pretty shitty place – it doesn’t take someone old and wise to tell you that either.

Last but not least: Don’t waste your time on ‘him’. Also don’t get close to his best friend because that will most certainly not turn out well by the time Year 10 comes around. Neither of them are worth it. They’re both manipulative dicks.

I hope twelve is as kind to you as it can be. You can do it. I know you can. Shit happens but life gets better. Your twelfth year of existing will be a turning point and make you who you are: blunt, opinionated and unapologetic. (most of the time)

Love always,
Sixteen year old Georgia who no longer cares about how her nose looks.




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