To Write Love On Her Arms: The Future of Charity Work.

To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA for short) is an American non-profit organisation which gives help and support for people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury and suicidal thoughts. The organisation also helps to fund treatment and recovery programs. The organisation’s founder, Jamie Tworkowski, originally created TWLOHA to fund for a friend called Renee Yohe, to go into rehab.


In 2012, a film based on the story of Tworkowski and Yohe was released. The film features Kat Dennings, Chad Michael Murry and Corbin Bleu. Tworkowski also wrote a book about Yohe’s life five days before she was admitted into rehab.

In December 2014, the charity (re)launched a campaign called ‘#WelcomeToMidnight‘. The campaign promoted the significance of a new year and how it means you can start over again if you feel like it. The hashtag was used on Twitter and Instagram and was a place for people to share what they hoped to leave behind and what they hoped to find in the new year.

I stumbled across their website probably around this time last year and was quite confused with what TWLOHA is and now, a whole year later, it’s one of my favourite charities. I’m going to put the confusion down to the fact that when you visit the To Write Love On Her Arms website, it doesn’t look like a charity in the slightest. It looks like a blog that someone has created that also sells merchandise. This sort of charity is, in my opinion, the future. It’s subtly clever enough to make you want to donate or help out without shoving a huge ‘donate now’ button in your face every time you click. The website’s shop not only sell the usual branded jumpers and t-shirts; they sell calenders, accessories, mugs and even a few of Jamie Tworkowski’s books. And the best part is that all the profits from their sales goes directly to the organisation which enables them to expand and therefore helping more people.



To find out more about To Write Love On Her Arm‘s work:

or donate here:


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